Nelmin Nos Peasant Farm Enterprise
Ecologically clean products from indigenous people of Russia’s Extreme North.

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Nelmin Nos Peasant Farm Enterprise is located 60 km from the city of Naryan Mar, the administrative center of the Nenets Autonomous District on the bank of the Pechora River.

The ecologically clean area with low population density still remains a “pristine civilization”.

Nelmin Nos Peasant Farm Enterprise is engaged in breeding, killing and deep processing of reindeer. The staff of highly qualified specialists, modern production facilities, state-of-the-art equipment allow release of the products that meet the highest requirements. The equipment has the necessary licenses and certificates of the Russian Federation and EEU countries.

Nelmin Nos PFE has resources of a full deep cycle for processing of reindeer meat, skins, blood, antlers, leg skin and by-products.

Besides, we stock up and process fish, mushrooms and berries on our facilities.

Nelmin Nos PFE is ready to work in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Welcome to cooperation!

Reindeer farming products
Reindeer meat, skin, leg skin, antlers, blood and by-products.
Reindeer meat
Reindeer skin
Reindeer leg skin
Reindeer antlers
Reindeer blood
Reindeer by-products

Reindeer meat.

Our farm offers frozen venison – carcass, half carcass, sirloin.

Cold- and hot-smoked venison.

Venison has a unique composition and contains minimum amounts of cholesterol so harmful and dangerous for the human system. Reindeer meat contains a great amount of vitamins and minerals: iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, copper, as well as vitamins of В, РР group.

Antioxidants contained in venison allow not only ageing to be slowed down but also antitumor immunity to be reinforced.

Reindeer skin.

We can arrange for supplies of products either frozen or salted.

The most known and important property of reindeer skin is ideal heat insulation. No natural furs are warmer than reindeer skin. Reindeer skin is the most widespread material in the North. Clothes and footwear are sewn from it, which allows one not to get frozen in the harsh climate.

Reindeer leg skin.

We offer reindeer leg skin, frozen or salted.

Reindeer leg skin is part of skin removed from deer legs, especially valued in the North. It has smooth, glossy hair of the color brown, silvery-white, or white. Reindeer leg skin is very strong and beautiful. Footwear, mittens are sewn from it, it is used in making mosaic patterns to trim large fur articles.

Reindeer antlers.

Antlers can be supplied either cut or in whole.

If necessary, we can start stocking up young antlers according to a technique convenient to the customer.

Reindeer young antlers are a curative. Young antlers are reindeer antlers in the period of growth. They have an unossified tubular structure, they are saturated with blood. Based on blood of reindeer young antlers medicinal preparations, adaptogens, are prepared. They are biologically active substances that tone up the body, stimulate the central nerve system, enhance endurance, reinforce immunity.

Reindeer blood.

Can be supplied either frozen or dry. We also offer stocking up of blood according to a technique required by the customer.

Dry reindeer blood has an entire complex of biologically active substances. It includes nucleotides, hormones, minerals, vitamins, peptides, amino acids. It is also a source of iron, amino acids, reindeer blood is indispensible in anemia. Recently this product has been used more often in sports diet, for the blood helps the body to recover fast after loads.

Reindeer by-products.

Heart, liver, kidneys, tongue, lung, spleen, lips, windpipe, brain, mucous membrane of stomachs and small bowels, coffin bone.

Supplied in the form and packaging that will be required by the customer.

By-products are the main source of proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals. They contain a great amount of extractive substances. The mineral composition of wild reindeer by-products is represented by a complex of basic macro and micro elements. By the content of macro elements kidneys dominate, heart has much phosphorus and potassium, lung has phosphorus and sodium, lips are a rich source of calcium.

Deer by-products have been used in Tibetan medicine for many years already. On the basis of endocrine-enzyme stock of deer a wide range of hormone and biologically active preparations are produced.


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Fish of whitefish family and vendace. Supplied smoked (hot- and cold-smoked) and frozen.


Fish of whitefish family are characterized by excellent taste characteristics, therefore fishermen have been hunting them since the old days. This family comprises more than 40 species of fish. They inhabit not every water body and prefer only clean and very cold water that can be found in northern regions only.

Whitefish meat quality is very high. Whitefish are quite fatty fish, which is accounted for by their habitat conditions.


Vendace is interesting from the point of view of consumers. Fish soup is cooked from it, it is baked in an oven, used in fillings for cakes and meat dumplings, it is salted, cured and smoked. It attracts fishermen with a pleasant taste. Its other name is European cisco. Vendace is rare in shops; only its true values know what this fish is.


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We offer frozen cloudberry and lingonberry.


Cloudberry is a unique berry growing in a harsh climate under quite low temperatures. It received its names, “bog amber”, “royal berry”, and “northern orange”, due to its healing properties. Cloudberry has many micro and macro elements (magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, silicon). A great amount of vitamins С, А, В1, В2, and РР.

Cloudberry is used in people’s medicine. It reinforces immune system and allows recovery after a long disease. It improves mood and alleviates tiredness. It regulates blood coagulation and reinforces vessels. Medicines of the berries are used as prophylactics and therapy of pathologies of the heart and vessels, viral diseases, and to increase the protective forces of the body.


Lingonberry has always been considered a berry of immortality, to such an extent it has positive and favorable effects on the human health. It has general strengthening, wound-healing, anti-febrile, tonic, disinfecting, vitamin, antisclerotic, bile-expelling properties.

Lingonberry helps fight cold-related diseases; treats gastrites (with reduced acidity); hepatocholecystites; depositions of salts, rheumatisms, arthrites, neurores and depressions, vitamin deficiencies, anemias, and many other diseases.


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Aromatic edible birch boletus and red-capped scaber stalk are supplied frozen.
Edible boletus
Red-capped scaber stalk
Birch boletus


The benefits of mushrooms were found many a hundred years ago, and today this product remains one of the most demanded and useful in daily diets of many people.

They are in a unique balanced composition of all biologically valuable food ingredients: proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, microelements, the base of mushrooms being water, it comprises almost 90% of all the contents, which makes this product low-calorie, highly digestible and dietetic.

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Nelmin Nos PFE
Nenets Autonomous District, settlement Nelmin Nos
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